Types of Apps You Can Build in Bubble: Delivery Service App

This post is part of a series about the types of apps you can build in Bubble.io.

Building a good relationship with customers is critical to the success of every business. On-demand delivery service is a great way to improve the ROI of your company, as well as the credibility and customer perception of your business. 

Good news is that with No Code tools like Bubble.io, business owners like you have options to economically build visually appealing, fully functional delivery service apps to take your business up a notch.

Whether you are in the food, beauty, travel, healthcare or transportation industry, Bubble offers easy-to-use features to ensure improved quality of service and a boost in income for your business.

Delivery Service App Features

A typical on-demand delivery service will require a number of key features to get operational. A home page which displays the available services according to their categories. Others include:

  • A search functionality to ensure easy access to users’ preferred services
  • A backend portal for real-time monitoring of delivery executives
  • A push notification feature to communicate all necessary details to the users
  • Driving for delivery, whether hired or outsourced via API to a service like Uber for Business
  • Secure payment processing options for order checkouts

To help you achieve these and more, Bubble is power-packed with a host of different features. It boasts a built-in database that makes it easy for users to create different data types using unique fields.

Bubble’s ability to send data between pages makes dynamic content display possible. Assuming you were building a food delivery app, for instance, your homepage will be able to pull data in real-time from existing meals pages using the data provided for them.

Provided data can then be streamlined, with logic flows determining what kind of data shows up where. Bubble also lets you add a feedback system so customers can review each delivery, as well as integrate a function to allow delivery contractors to mark delivered meals.

Examples of Delivery Service Apps on Bubble

Noz Delivery and Ceu Delivery in Brazil are two examples of food delivery service apps built on the Bubble platform.

Noz Delivery takes ad

The mission at Noz Delivery is to help small and medium sized delivery businesses to function without high operational costs. The small/medium business will be able to define distances they wish to cover, determine price and form of payments, and receive reports in real time. This means businesses can continue to expand their customer network at the lowest possible cost.

Ceu Delivery is an automated delivery service designed to bridge the gap between customers and delivery business owners. The idea is for delivery businesses to manage their professional apps without incurring the high costs associated with paying marketplace fees. This lowers operational costs and increases revenue.

In all, Bubble makes setting up a delivery system less complex. It allows you to create a delivery service app that caters the entire end-to-end process without writing a single line of code. 

With a clear vision of your business and how you wish to set up your online space, Bubble can be a powerful resource for generating sales.