Music Streaming App in Bubble

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Streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music have taken the music on demand space to whole new levels. These platforms serve to provide you with whatever music you desire at any point in time.

Considering the obvious technical quality of such applications, when you imagine developing a similar service, you’re bound to imagine a team of developers huddled together working assiduously to bring it to life. 

Today, though, no-code tools like Bubble ensure that doesn’t have to be the case. Bubble’s powerful engine and multiple customization features make it possible for just anyone to build their own music streaming service.

Music Streaming Service Features

Although the finer details of each platform may differ, there are certain features required by any music streaming platform. 

For starters, a home page is required, with a list of different songs in their various categories. Proper categorization is necessary for users to quickly find their desired music. In addition to genre, music may also be categorized by artist. Other notable features include:

  • A backend portal where users/artists can upload their songs
  • User profile page that details the songs a user has liked and the playlists they’ve created
  • Music playing page that dynamically displays the song being played
  • An ability for users to like songs/musicians and add their favorite songs to a playlist
  • Playlist page to list all of the songs added to a playlist
  • A search feature for finding songs easily

For your Bubble app, therefore, you’d need to create pages that are dynamic enough to recognize and display the right data for a user.

Dynamic data display is a major feature of Bubble thanks to its ability to pull any data from the database. This means you can create one music playing page and one playlist display page, and write in your logic for determining what shows up on specific music/playlist pages.

Bubble’s database also comes powered with extensive customization options. You can create different data types/tables and pair them with different data fields. This ability to collect and use user-generated data is the life force of your streaming service.

Other notable features of Bubble in your quest include your ability to build custom workflows to make your app functional, as well as the Bubble Circle Music Player plugin which enables users to start and stop music files.

Examples of Music Streaming Services on Bubble

One such music streaming service built on Bubble is Wacht. Wacht is a music video streaming service that seeks to marry the nostalgia of MTV with the Reddit experience. 

It was designed as a music video discovery platform that allows users to submit new music videos, or find music videos of their favorite artists, or in their favorite genres. Each uploaded music video is categorized by format, genre, and title, and can be upvoted/recommended by other users.

Whether you’re building a community-driven platform like this one, or looking to build a more personalized streaming platform like Spotify, Bubble’s powerful engine and core functionalities can be leveraged for your streaming service platform.