Project or Task Management Apps in Bubble

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Proper project management culture is at the heart of today’s most successful firms. It is this practice that ensures projects run smoothly from start to finish despite budget and time constraints, and that every challenge met is promptly and adequately dealt with.

Modern project management apps help teams achieve these goals by helping them coordinate their efforts. These apps enable team members to create and assign tasks relevant to the team goals, set deadlines, track task statuses, etc.

Whether you have a new twist on creating the next project management rockstar to rival the likes Asana and JIRA, or you simply need an in-house tool for managing projects in your firm, Bubble can help you build a quality app with all of your desired features.

Project Management App Features

A mature project management app boasts a range of features that make collaboration, tracking and management of projects possible. To make that possible, the following features/pages may be needed:

  • A workspace area for teams to manage its settings, projects, and members
  • A login page for users to access their accounts and the associated team workspaces
  • A project board for viewing, managing and updating statuses for tasks in a project
  • Personal dashboard for users to manage their individual profile settings
  • Admin dashboard where management can access key metrics about their team
  • Chat feature to enable team members discuss directly on the app over project issue

Considering your app would be a web app, you must also make arrangements for your homepage, landing pages, and other necessary marketing/branding pages aimed at driving users towards your product.

To build a project management app with Bubble, you’ll be taking full advantage of its robust database features. This extensively customizable database can be setup to hold user data (name, email, team, individual role, etc.), team data (name, owner, members, etc.), project data (name, team, task list, etc.), and task data (task title, description, assignee, due date, status, tags, etc.).

Bubble also lets you set roles for each user. Roles are crucial for privacy controls and for determining what each user is able to see/do. For instance, users may be able to access anyone’s info on their team. However, only admins – and those they empower – may have the ability to assign tasks or set team/project settings.

Finally, Bubble’s search feature makes it possible for you to retrieve data according to its qualities (team, project, or user), and list only relevant data to users. Its powerful backend engine also makes it possible for users to create custom workflows to ensure a seamless user experience.

Examples of Project Management Apps on Bubble

Focus Inc is an example of a powerful project management tool built using Bubble. Taking advantage of the customizable Bubble database, user’s are able to register either as individuals, or as members of a team. 

Data stored in this database is given multiple qualifying features for easy access. For instance, taks could be parent or sub tasks, they could be grouped by categories, and they could be labeled for priority.

All of these are possible using features found on Bubble, as well as features provided by supercharged third-party plugins.